It is advisable to wash your organic cotton clothes by hand in cool water. Fiber hemp and Tencel are also washed by hand in cool water. 

You can also wash your clothes in the washing machine,but choose a 30-degree low-temperature rotation.

Less often wash

Let’s protect our water and energy by washing our clothes only when we need it. If you stain the fabric, carefully clean the dirt with soap and sponge.

Reduce the usage of a clothes dryer.

Hang clothes outside after washing. Sun and wind are the best and most trusted drying method.

Less often iron

After washing, hang clothes outdoors in the sun and wind – avoid using the dryer. For clothing that has prints on – iron the printed side inside out.

Sneaker Care

Soak your shoes in water before washing them. It is advisable to wash the material and rubber with chlorine-free soap using a sponge or a toothbrush that is no longer in use. After rinsing your shoes well, we recommend wrapping them in paper and drying them in the cold place. Sun-dried shoes can turn yellow.

By following the instructions and recommendations on the product label, you will ensure that the garment will live a long and inspiring life.